What services do you provide?

We specialize in Children birthday parties. We are designed to reduce the anxiety of throwing birthday party. We bring a very unique, fun and memorable party experience for parents and kids.  Kids will say "Best birthday ever" and parents don't have to frantically make sure everybody is having a good time.We will stage-manage the kids from the time we arrive till the end. You can relax and enjoy this milestone.  

Where is the party held? 
It could be held at your home, club house, rented venues, or park.

Do you have a location?

No we don't have a property of our own to carry out parties from however we work with county and state properties. Please see VenuePage 

What venues do you offer?
The venues we offer are Montgomery County, Fairfax County or Other county owned properties. You can rent them on your own or we can include it in your package. You can choose one of the venues or we can come to your location. When choosing a location, please make sure there is enough floor space for games, activities and dress up station, not necessarily a really big room but enough for the guest list. The party giver have to be present at all times. There will be a travel fee for more than 15 miles radius centering Gaithersburg.                                                                     

What kind of packages do you provide

We Have two different packages
Stress-free package and rental package .

What do you provide in the stress free package?
Our Stress free package gives you three options to choose from, this will depend on the number of kids and how long you will like the party to last. The time to set up or break down  is not part of  party time. We do not charge additional for setting up or breaking down. The time reflects only from the start to the end time of the party.

How long does it take to set-up or break down
This will depend on the number of guest present and the add-ons you may have. We recommend 2 hours in advance for setup and 1 hour for breakdown. Sometimes we are able to set up in less time. Please discuss this up on the meeting with your event manager.

Do you come out in advance to discuss the details?
Yes! Event Managers always come out in advance to discuss the details and to paint the pictures of the party day expectation. We also answer any questions you may have. We will advise on where it will be wise to spend money and where it will not benefit the particular age group. We will like to give you the best return for your investment.

Why should I choose Stress-free Package?
Besides a unique fun party, Stress-free package is great fit for parents looking for no shopping, no planning.  We will plan , shop, prep and bring. We carry out every aspect of the party except Food, Cake and Drinks.

What is not included in the stress free package?
We include everything except Food, Drinks, and Cake. We don’t provide anything for adults.

What is expected from me if I choose to select Stress-free package ?
The Only things you will need to provide for the kids are Food, Drinks and Cake. We have the paper products for food and cake, We have the silverware, we have the lighter and candle, We have Everything. No need to shop for the kids, we bring everything. We don’t provide adult service unless you have added the service.

What should I expect if I selected Stress-Free package?
Expect the following

  1. Party Prosarrive to  setup 2 hours in advance (1 party pro for Supreme package and 2 Party pros for VIP and VIP Gold)
  2. The  start of party 
  3. The party will start with music playing in background,
  4. As the kids arrive they will start getting into character with dress up(for boys and girls) and Themed Temporary Tattoos. This activities will  give time for party kids to break the ice and  wait for all party guest to arrive. Once most kids arrive, we will transition to crafts. Each theme have great crafts to make and take home. Crafts could be part of  favor please check out our entertainmentpage for details.
  5. After crafts it is time for kids to dive into the fun. It is Game time! Games are so much fun and bring the celebration to life .
  6. We will communicate with our parents about food arrival time. According to that we will wrap up game and move to meal. We will Guide the kids to sit in the designated area that are decorated for them and serve the food with the paper products we provide. We will pour drinks, hand out napkins. We will manage  the kids needs.
  7. We will clean after food and communicate with parents to gather family to take portrait. We will coordinate and manage picture with the birthday boy and his family, family and friends and also the party kids.   
  8. We will gather for cake and cue for birthday song, Cut cake and serve.,We will play one last game and Give out prizes.
  9. The end of party
  10. We will start cleaning up and take down decor. We will leave the birthday area the way we found it.

What kind of Rental packages do you have?
We have two rental options to choose from. Rental with setup and rental pick up only.

What is rental with setup?
Rental with set up gives you everything you need for successful party. Basicly Its a turn key. We will come out and set you up with the party essentials. Everything you need will be provided like a stress free package except the party pros will not stay to entertain or serve the kids.

What is the difference between Stress free and Rental?
Stress-free package includes your party pro’s to stay and entertain and give you freedom to mingle around while we do all the work. We will take care of the kids. You will be like the guest at your own party.  

Rental package we will come to set up and provide with everything you need for the kids but we will not stay. We will come back to pick up in the time that is predetermined by you and the event manager.

Does your rental package include entertainment?
No it does not. Our party pros carry out the activities and games. Since party pros are not included in the rental package, entertainment is not included.  

How far in advance do I have to book my event?
    We can book about 1-3 months in advance depending on the event. You will have to pay $100.00 to book your party, which will be applied towards the remaining balance. Saturdays are our most popular day. If you would like to book for Saturday, book as soon as you can. Friday evenings are the least busy. If you request, and we have availability, a party date less than 10 days out will be charged a rush fee of $75.

What decorations are provided for my party?
We transform the room and bring the theme to life. We utilize many different props, cut outs, and other decor for an elegant themed party room.

Do you provide dress up to accommodate the opposite sex?
Yes. We provide you with the selection of appropriate wardrobe for the opposite sex.

How many hostesses are included within my package?
Our package includes the hostess or hostesses necessary for the final head count of the event. If you will like to add a hostess to your event please let us know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangement for your request.

Do I pay extra fee to add hostess?
It depends on the size of your package. contact us to find out more.

What dress up are included in my package?
Each theme is coordinated with the themes dress up and each theme has different costumes. Your package includes the choice of your theme. Once you choose your theme you will find out the type of wardrobe or costume and accessories included.

How do the guest change?
The guest do not get undressed, costumes will be worn over their clothing. We will set up a designated dress up station. Girls can wear bathing suit or leotard under their clothing and costumes.

How can I cancel or change my event date?
You can cancel your event any time you like as long as it's 30 days before the event day, if you are within the 30 days will charge $100.00 cancellation fee.If you want to change your party date, we will change the date upon availability without any additional charge. AYEWP fully refunds the reservation fee of $100.00 for canceled parties 30 days prior to the event. If the party date is within 30 days, a $100.00 fee will apply as a cancellation fee. If the party date is within 10 days AYEWP will charge the original package full amount as a cancellation fee.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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