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Party Games 

The Classics

Parachute:- The sky is the limit with our large Parachute for all age group.
Hula hoop:- For some hoop-swinging fun who can resist a game of hula-hoops
Party Line (whisper game);- this is a game you have to wait until the laughter dies down before starting another round with a different kid
Balloon Bust:- Possibly the simplest game on earth but it guarantees laughs
Ha-ha :- This is a group game, silly as it could be but if you laugh you are going to start all over again
Birthday game:- This is sure to make the birthday child feel special

Pin the tail on the donkey

Hot potatoes

Bean bag toss

Toss The Can

Simon says

Treasure hunt

Parachute Tag

​Balloon pop

Tug of war

Toss the ring

​Musical Chair

Every child laugh themselves silly after playing the games. Party games make the celebration come to life! Children anticipate the birthday games as a key part of the party fun. Kids activities range depending on the age group and the number of kids present at the party.

Our games are designed to be kept fun, instead of obvious winner and loser games , we work together as a group toward a common goal, we try to beat the clock instead of each other. the point of the games are to have fun , be silly , giggle, and we all win prizes.

Party games make the celebration come to life!

Here are the general list of games we bring to parties

Everyone will get prizes